New Course Proposal / Existing Course Revision or Withdrawal

Teaching departments and Colleges are welcome to put up proposals for new GE courses and existing course revision. Please read the following guidelines before drawing up proposals.

Proposals (course design) for Introduction/Revision/Withdrawal of GE courses should be:

  • made on the online GECPI System
    (Please contact our office for the word format of the Course Description Template (General Education));
  • duly endorsed by the respective Department/Programme Board/the relevant College Assemblies of Fellows/General Education committee(s);
  • returned to the Office of University General Education for review/approval by the Senate Committee on General Education and its Standing Committee; and
  • submitted to the relevant Faculty Board for parallel endorsement.

Proposals are reviewed annually, please log in the system to read the announcement regarding the deadline of proposal submission.

Course Inventory

The course description in the course inventory is the master framework of a course duly approved by the Senate Committee on General Education. The teacher should adhere to the course design as described in the course inventory in every course offering. Please log in GECPI System to view the course inventory.