In Dialogue with China Study Trips

To deepen students’ appreciation of the complexity, grandeur, and richness of the nation’s history and culture, and enhance their sense of national identity, study trips under various themes and formats will be organized to explore the many facets of China, from modern bustling metropolises to traditional rural villages and from cutting-edge technology development to rich cultural heritage.

2023-24 Second Term

2023-24 First Term

Date Trip Description
11-12 November 2023 Discovering China: Mysteries in Archaeological Excavation in Guangdong In the heart of the city of Guangzhou rested a king who ruled the southern tip of China two millennia ago, buried in a jade armor suit with his queen, concubines, and slaves, carrying jewels, spices, and weaponry. These archaeological finds are traceable to the history of the Qin and Han dynasties, the earliest maritime Silk Road trade, and the indigenous culture of South China. We will take you through the hidden garden palace, the stoned streets of five dynasties, the tombs of two South Han monarchs, and the splendours of the architecture and the arts and crafts of historic Canton.
13-19 November 2023 Yunnan Cultural Experience Tour
(Co-organizer: Student Experience and Development Section, Office of Student Affairs)
Yunnan is blessed with spectacular natural resources and agriculture. It is also well known for its diverse cultures. Students will gain a first-hand cultural understanding of Yunnan by immersing themselves in the local community, exploring traditional local cuisine, participating in volunteer teaching, visiting local business enterprises, and more!
20-23 October 2023 China, “Modern” and “Old”: Shanghai-Suzhou Study Trip From the streets of Shanghai to the gardens of Suzhou, students will embark on a journey of discovery of how cities rise into prominence at one historical stage, and become eclipsed by other developments at another.

In Shanghai, students will explore the city’s dynamic past and present by visiting iconic landmarks such as the Bund, the Old City, and the towering skyscrapers of Pudong. Moving on to Suzhou, the journey takes a step back in time as students wander through beautiful gardens, ancient water towns, and historical streets.

The purpose of this trip is to offer participants a theme-based cultural and historical experience in both Shanghai and Suzhou. It aims to foster cross-cultural understanding and appreciation among students through guided tours and interactive experiences, promoting meaningful exchanges and encouraging reflections on the evolution of twin cities drawing comparisons with Hong Kong.