Curriculum Design

General Education at CUHK

General Education (GE) at CUHK is composed of University GE and College GE.

  1. University General Education
    Univerity GE is a common requirement of all CUHK undergraduate programmes. It aims at broadening students’ knowledge base by providing a structured exposure to different aspects of fundamental human concerns, and to various approaches to such concerns. It consists of two components:

    1. General Education Foundation Programme
      Guided by the reading of classic texts, the GE Foundation Programme provides for students a common intellectual and cultural ground, on which sensitivity to the concerns of human existence may develop, and intellectual dialogues on these concerns may emerge. The GE Foundation Programme is reading and writing intensive and taught in seminar style. It helps students acquire and develop knowledge, attitudes and skills essential for independent learning.
    2. The Four Areas of University GE
      Building upon the GE Foundation Programme, the Four Areas further broaden students’ exposure by inviting them to examine four fundamental realms of human concerns, namely, one’s relation with one’s cultural heritage, with the physical world, with fellow human beings and with oneself. Emphasis is placed on critical appreciation of the various disciplinary approaches to these concerns, particularly in their relevance to contemporary issues.
  2. College General Education
    College GE is a unique feature of undergraduate education at CUHK. It expresses the mission and traditions of each constituent College. All undergraduates are assigned to one of the nine Colleges of the University. All Colleges offer their own specifically-designed credit-bearing College GE programme as well as non-credit-bearing learning opportunities for their students. By providing students with a broad perspective that goes beyond academic pursuits, College GE contributes to the holistic development of students to become responsible citizens of the world.