SDG Study Scheme

Using the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a framework, the Office of University General Education launched the SDG Study Scheme in 2020–21 to prepare students for the challenges of tomorrow. The SDG Study Scheme enables students who aspire to be future leaders of sustainable development to integrate their academic learning with life experiences and community engagement.  Students are encouraged to take ownership of their learning and adopt SDGs as a unifying theme to extend their learning from knowledge-based courses to experiential and service learning, either credit bearing or non-credit bearing. Students will be awarded the honor of being a SDG Explorer with a Certificate after they have finished the study scheme.

The SDG Study Scheme is comprised of three components, combining knowledge-based learning with experiential learning:

  1. A short online course by SDG Academy providing an overview of the SDGs and their significance;
  2. Two to three knowledge-based SDG-GE (General Education) courses;
  3. One SDG-SE (Social Engagement) course or at least twenty-six hours of co-curricular volunteer activity (SDG-VA)

About the Study Scheme