Collaboration and Partnership

The Office of University General Education (OUGE) actively reaches out to other academic units at CUHK and its GE counterparts in China and beyond to enhance local, regional, and global understanding of GE.

Collaboration with other units of CUHK

To promote language across the curriculum in alignment with the University’s bilingual policy, the GE Foundation Programme has been collaborating  with the Department of Chinese Language and Literature (CLL) and the English Language Teaching Unit (ELTU)  Joint projects include the development of workshops on “Chinese/English across the curriculum” and reading guides to accompany the classical texts in the syllabi to enhance the students’ reading and writing skills.

Collaboration with CUHK-Shenzhen

GE Foundation Programme teachers  had offered GE summer teaching at CUHK-Shenzhen. Efforts are ongoingly made  to offer jointly taught University GE courses for students in the CUHK  Hong Kong and Shenzhen campuses.

Collaboration with other Mainland institutions

Fudan University, Shanghai
With an aim of promoting academic exchange in GE between CUHK and Fudan University, a formal Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed in 2016 and renewed in 2021  between OUGE and the Centre for General Education, Fudan University. Under the MOU, the CUHK student outbound study programme “General Education in Fudan – The Story of China” was launched in December 2017. So far, 15 study tours have been held on seven themes, with a total of 1,015 students from 45 universities in Hong Kong, Macao and the Mainland attending.

Tsinghua University, Beijing
Tsinghua University has invited the GE Foundation Programme teachers to teach “In Dialogue with Humanity” and “In Dialogue with Nature” in the Summer Semester since 2017.

Xidian University, Xi’ an
Xidian University has invited the GE Foundation Programme teachers to offer GE courses in the Summer Semester.

Summer School for Mainland Students (SSMS)
SSMS is a two-week credit-bearing summer initiative for mainland undergraduates, coordinated by CUHK’s China Engagement Office. Two courses, UGFH1099 “Reading Humanity (閲讀人文)” and UGFN1099 “Reading Nature (閲讀自然),” which are adaptations of the General Education (GE) Foundation courses, are offered by our teaching members. Each course accepts 25 students from various mainland institutions, creating a diverse academic environment across disciplines. This diversity allows for broad idea exchange among students from different backgrounds, fostering an inclusive learning environment.