Lingnan: History and Society

A New GE course, UGEC2299 “Lingnan: History and Society”, in the University Summer Session of 2023–24

(Jointly offered by CUHK and CUHK-Shenzhen)


Lingnan is located in the south of the Five Ridges, the mountain areas running from east to west that serve as a clear geographical and cultural demarcation between South and Central China. Lingnan plays a significant role in the historical development of Modern China.

The new three-unit course, UGEC2299 Lingnan: History and Society, gives an overview of 500 years of history documenting the linkages between the Lingnan region, the country and the world from the perspectives of business, migration, culture and scholarship. Through a combination of archival studies and field trips, including visits to museums, villages, temples, communities, and enterprises, students will deepen their understanding and perception of the social and cultural history of Lingnan.

Students from The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) and The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen (CUHK-Shenzhen) will jointly enroll in this course to promote cultural exchange and enhance mutual understanding. The course assessment methods will consist of individual assignments and group projects.

Class Period:  3–8 June 2024

  • 3–5 June (including lectures on the CUHK-Shenzhen campus and visits to related places in Shenzhen);
  • 6–8 June (including lectures on the CUHK campus and visits to related places in Hong Kong)

Teachers:  Dr. MAO Di (CUHK-Shenzhen), Dr. LUI Wing Sing (CUHK)

Medium of Instruction:  Putonghua

Course outline:   Please refer to the tentative course outline for more details.


While no fee is charged for the course, a deposit of HKD1,000 is required, which will be fully refunded to students who have completed the course and related activities.

Application and Selection:

Please complete the online application form on or before 24 March 2024 (Sunday) 10 April (Wednesday). The application result will be announced on 3 April 2024 (Wednesday) 12 April 2024 (Friday).


  1. The course is not open to students majoring in History.
  2. Students should have completed or enrolled in at least one of the two GE Foundation courses (UGFH1000 or UGFN1000).
  3. Participants should possess valid travel documents for travel to China.
  4. Organising the jointly offered course involves a lot of planning and coordination in advance. The course will therefore not follow the regular schedule of course enrollment at CUHK. Once the interview result is announced, shortlisted students will be required to indicate acceptance of the offer. The Office of University General Education will then proceed with the course enrollment on CUSIS. Once enrolled, students are not allowed to drop the course except under special circumstances.


Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Miss Natalie Li, Office of University General Education (e-mail:; tel.: 3943 9244).