In Dialogue with China Talk Series

To deepen and widen students’ understanding of China, the following four talks were held in the first term of 2023-24:

Date Speaker Talk Title
18/10/2023 (Wed) Professor Alan Chan
Provost & J.S. Lee Professor of Chinese Culture, CUHK
Understanding China: Tradition and Modernity
1/11/2023 (Wed) Professor Kenneth Young
Emeritus Professor of Physics, CUHK
Oppenheimer (the film), China Builds the Bomb (the book) and Reflections on Science & Technology in China
15/11/2023 (Wed) 王紹光教授
橫看成嶺側成峰:政體思維 vs. 政道思維
29/11/2023 (Wed) Professor Jiang Zhaoxin
Associate Professor of Law, Shangdong University and Visiting Scholar, Chinese Law Programme, Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies, CUHK
A Wider Perspective: China’s Rise and the U.S. National Security Law