In Dialogue with China Talk Series

In Dialogue with China Talks in the University Summer Session of 2023-24

In Dialogue with China Talks in the second term of 2023-24

Date Speaker Talk Title
31/1/2024 (Wed) Professor Jin Yeu Tsou
Raymond Hu Professor of Architecture, City University of Hong Kong
Pioneering Sustainable Futures: Unleashing the Power of Green Innovations in China’s Smart Cities
21/2/2024 (Wed) 黄平教授
中歐跨文化(transcultura) 與中歐文化‘誤解’:個人經歷與未來展望
20/3/2024 (Wed) Professor Lawrence J. Lau
Ralph and Claire Landau Professor of Economics, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
The Quality and Quantity of Chinese Economic Growth
10/4/2024 (Wed) Professor Albert Hung-yee Chen
Cheng Chan Lan Yue Professor and Chair of Constitutional Law, The University of Hong Kong
Modern Chinese constitutional history and the constitutional order of ‘One Country, Two Systems’

In Dialogue with China Talks in the first term of 2023-24:

Date Speaker Talk Title
18/10/2023 (Wed) Professor Alan Chan
Provost & J.S. Lee Professor of Chinese Culture, CUHK
Understanding China: Tradition and Modernity
1/11/2023 (Wed) Professor Kenneth Young
Emeritus Professor of Physics, CUHK
Oppenheimer (the film), China Builds the Bomb (the book) and Reflections on Science & Technology in China
15/11/2023 (Wed) 王紹光教授
橫看成嶺側成峰:政體思維 vs. 政道思維
29/11/2023 (Wed) Professor Jiang Zhaoxin
Associate Professor of Law, Shangdong University and Visiting Scholar, Chinese Law Programme, Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies, CUHK
A Wider Perspective: China’s Rise and the U.S. National Security Law