General education has played an important role in CUHK's undergraduate curriculum since the founding of the University. From 2012 onwards, a 4-year university curriculum has been in place, a reform that CUHK staff members and students have long hoped for. The more sufficient time for learning has fostered students' development in general education.

With the 2012 new curriculum, general education at CUHK is further enhanced with the introduction of the 6-unit General Education Foundation (GEF) Programme, a common core programme added to the existing design of university general education and college general education. The programme consists of two courses, "In Dialogue with Humanity" and "In Dialogue with Nature", in which students, through the study of classics, engage in dialogues with Nature and Humanity to explore the world of science and knowledge, and reflect on ideal society and good life.

To better prepare, CUHK started planning GEF in 2006 and piloted it from 2009. Since 2010, all secondary six entrants have benefited from the programme.

The GEF programme aims to provide for students a common intellectual and cultural ground, on which sensitivity to the concerns of human existence may develop, and intellectual dialogues on these concerns may emerge. The GEF will be reading and writing intensive and taught in seminar style. It is designed to help students acquire and develop knowledge, attitudes and skills that are essential for independent learning, namely:

  1. a knowledge of major ideas that shape the world today
  2. an intellectual inquisitiveness when addressing issues related to their life and society 
  3. the willingness and capacity to examine new and different ideas
  4. the ability to engage in intensive and close reading
  5. the readiness to articulate their own ideas clearly and systematically in writing and in oral communication.

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