The Chinese University of Hong Kong

  • Lecturer,
    General Education Foundation Programme
Photo of Dr NG Ka Leung Andy

Academic Interests

  • Protein Sciences
  • Structural Biology
  • Transcription and Replication of Influenza Virus
  • Teaching Classics for General Education

Academic Conferences and Publications

  • 2012:
    • Andy Ka-Leung Ng, Wai-Hon Chan, Sze-Ting Choi, Mandy Ka-Han Lam, Kwok-Fai Lau, Paul Kay-Sheung Chan, Shannon Wing-Ngor Au, Ervin Fodor and Pang-Chui Shaw. “Influenza Polymerase Activity Correlates with the Strength of Interaction between Nucleoprotein and PB2 through the Host-Specific Residue K/E627” PLOS ONE 7:e36415.
    • Andy Ka-Leung Ng, Mandy Ka-Han Lam, Hongmin Zhang, Jinhuan Liu, Shannon Wing-Ngor Au, Paul Kay-Sheung Chan, Jiahuai Wang and Pang-Chui Shaw. “Structural Basis for RNA Binding and Homo-Oligomer Formation by Influenza B Virus Nucleoprotein” Journal of Virology 86:6758-67.
  • 2011:
    • Frank Vreede, Andy Ka-Leung Ng, Pang-Chui Shaw and Ervin Fodor. “Stabilization of Influenza Virus Replication Intermediates is Dependent on the RNA-Binding but not the Homo-Oligomerization Activity of the Viral Nucleoprotein” Journal of Virology 85:12073-8.
    • IX European Symposium of The Protein Society, Stockholm, Sweden [poster].
  • 2010:
    • Wai-Hon Chan*, Andy Ka-Leung Ng*, Nicole Robb, Mandy Ka-Han Lam, Paul Kay-Sheung Chan, Shannon Wing-Ngor Au, Jia-Huai Wang, Ervin Fodor and Pang-Chui Shaw. “Functional Analysis of Influenza H5N1 Nucleoprotein Reveals Amino Acids that are Crucial for Oligomerization and Ribonucleoprotein Activities” Journal of Virology 84: 7337-45. (* joint first authorship)
  • 2009:
    • Andy Ka-Leung Ng, Jiahuai Wang, and Pang-Chui Shaw. “Structure and Sequence Analysis of Influenza A Virus Nucleoprotein” Science in China Series C Life Science 52: 439-49.
  • 2008:
    • Andy Ka-Leung Ng, Hongmin Zhang, Kemin Tan, Zongli Li, Jinhuan Liu, Paul Kay-Sheung Chan, Sui-Mui Li, Wood-Yee Chan, Shannon Wing-Ngor Au, Andrzej Joachimiak, Thomas Walz, Jiahuai Wang, and Pang-Chui Shaw. “Structure of the Influenza Virus A H5N1 Nucleoprotein: Implications for RNA Binding, Oligomerization, and Vaccine Design” FASEB Journal 22: 3638-47.
    • Fourteenth Annual Structural Biology Retreat, Cambridge, MA, USA [poster].
  • 2007:
    • 21st Symposium of the Protein Society, Boston, MA, USA [poster].