The Senate Committee on General Education, assisted by its Standing Committee, the Office of University General Education and the College General Education Offices, has introduced a package of quality assurance measures to ensure effective management and to maintain a high standard of teaching and learning.  These measures include:

  • Rigorous course approval process to upkeep academic standard and GE objectives
  • Assessment Panel to review and approve course assessment to ensure that students are fairly graded according to the university course assessment guidelines
  • Student course and teaching evaluation at the end of each course offering to collect feedbacks
  • Regular internal course review to monitor implementation quality of the approved courses
  • Comprehensive programme review by the University with inputs from external expert

Apart from the formal quality assurance measure, Office of University General Education also seeks to facilitate exchange and communication among students, teachers and administrators through various channels, including freshmen and graduate surveys, focus groups, seminars, workshops and informal meetings.  We believe that two-way communication with front-line staff and students plays an important role in the quality assurance mechanism.