From Space to Classroom: Experience Sharing of a University General Education Course

From Space to Classroom: Experience Sharing of a University General Education Course

Speaker: Dr. Wong Kwan Kit Frankie (Lecturer, Department of Geography and Resource Management)
Date: 1 November 2017 (Wednesday)
Language: Cantonese

Have you ever imagined how your life would be affected without the existence of satellites? When you do a quick check of the weather report in the morning and choose what to wear before leaving home, the information shown on your television involves a signal coming from a satellite beam. Presumably, you need to travel to school or work by different means of transport on routine basis. The Global Positioning System, in short GPS, provides you directional guidance. These two are the most typical examples demonstrating our reliance on satellites. But there are still many out there in space looking after our food resources, managing our water supply, assisting our response after disasters, monitoring our air quality, etc. Satellites keep records of our Earth by images. Trained scientists can decode the messages from these images and help to manage the Earth resources. As we are getting more and more dependent on satellites in our everyday life, it is necessary for us to be aware of their presence as well as to understand how they make our life better through capturing images of our Earth.


In this General Education lunch seminar, the speaker would share with you how to get students involved in this subject which seems intangible, but is in fact real to us in our daily life. The speaker would also share with us his design of interactive class activities with the aid of the Student Response System (SRS) which makes the learning atmosphere more lively and enhance the interest of students at the same time.

Speaker’s Bio
Dr. Wong Kwan Kit, Frankie is Lecturer in the Department of Geography and Resource Management at CUHK. He joined CUHK in 2011 and started teaching the University General Education course UGEB2132 “Earth as Seen From Space” in the same year. He is experienced in teaching remote sensing, geo-information science and digital image analysis. He believes the role of a teacher is to boost students’ curiosity and stimulate them to learn and explore more outside the classroom. His creativity, patience and enthusiasm in teaching also enable him to get the Exemplary Teaching Award of the Faculty of Social Science in 2014 and the 2016 SCGE Exemplary Teaching Award in General Education .

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