How Do We Ensure that Students Learn from Service-Learning?

How Do We Ensure that Students Learn from Service-Learning?

Prof. Ann Huss (Morningside College)
Mr. Tang Wai Hung (Department of Social Work, Wu Yee Sun College)
Date: 10th March 2014, Monday

The diverse student communities of Morningside College and Wu Yee Sun College create unique challenges for the development and sustainability of rigorous Service-Learning programmes. In this lunch seminar, the speakers will define Service-Learning and then address its challenges by responding to the following questions:

  1. How do we connect students’ service experiences with the early stage of their college life?
  2. What and how can students gain from Service-Learning? Can we and should we embed other educational elements in service learning activities?
  3. How do we ensure intellectually rigorous programmes that challenge students to both serve others and analyze the idea and practice of service at the same time?
  4. What are the considerations in running Service-Learning courses and programmes in CUHK?

Speaker’s Bio
Prof. Ann Huss is Associate Master and Dean of General Education at Morningside College. She taught Chinese literature and film at Wellesley College before coming to CUHK to build the new Centre for East Asian Studies (now Centre for China Studies) in 2006. She has been at Morningside since January 2012.

Mr. Tang Wai-hung is Lecturer of Department of Social Work, as well as Director of Service-Learning Programme of Wu Yee Sun College.  He is currently teaching one University GE Course on “Understanding the Socially Disadvantaged” for undergraduates from various disciplines, as well as several GE Courses on “Service-Learning Projects” or similar themes for students from 3 colleges, in which the students are required to undergo local community services.  Moreover, he has planned and organized several non-local Service-Learning trips for students of Wu Yee Sun College.

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