Value Education on Moral Issues Raised by Biotechnology

Value Education on Moral Issues Raised by Biotechnology

Date: 15 November 2013 (Friday)
Speaker: Dr. Chiu Chi Ming (School of Life Sciences)
Language: Cantonese

Biotechnology can tell you how to reproduce a dinosaur but not whether it is right or wrong to do so. However, once a new technology is introduced to the society its development is inevitable, no matter how good or bad it is. The question is thus: Can we keep biotechnology under our control?

People who believe in technological voluntarism and those who hold technological determinism see this question very differently. The answer, similar to other moral issues raised by biotechnology, much depends on our moral values and our ability to make moral judgement.

In this seminar, the speaker will share his philosophy on value education based on his teaching experience. The sharing will be in three parts:

  1. Taking biotechnology as an example, if teachers want to help students consider moral issues more thoroughly, what kind of knowledge and theory should students be first equipped with?
  2. What kind of examples can be used to stimulate students’ multi-perspective thinking over moral issues?
  3. What are the advantages of group discussion and group project in value education? How could teachers better prepare them? The speaker will share the experience of assigning group works to students with different academic backgrounds.

Speaker’s Bio Dr. Chiu Chi Ming is Senior Lecturer of the School of Life Sciences, awardee of the 2012 Exemplary Teaching Award of the Faculty of Science and the 2012 Exemplary Teaching Award in GE. Dr. Chiu is teaching two GE courses, namely “UGEB2262 From Genes to Life” and “UGEB2360 Wonders and Insights in Biology”. Dr. Chiu is keen on trying novel pedagogical methods. In the Teaching and Learning Innovation Expo 2009, Dr. Chiu won the best poster award for “Using clickers in learning cell biology”. Another poster with Dr. Chiu as the first author on “Using online video and interactive flash game to bring laboratory experience from life-science to non-science student” was also presented in the Teaching and Learning Innovation Expo 2010.