Date: 22 April 2009 (Wednesday)
Dr. Spencer Benson (Fulbright Scholar, The University of Hong Kong)
Dr. Stephen Friedman (Fulbright Scholar, The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Digital technologies, such as the Internet, have helped to reshape how we teach, deliver courses, and how students learn.  This seminar will introduce some of the e-learning tools that can be used to deliver courses online and how e-learning can be blended with traditional instruction to improve teaching and learning. The seminar aims to help faculty to:

  1. identify current e-learning tools, their uses and limitations;
  2. recognize which e-learning tools might be useful in teaching their own courses;
  3. develop a plan for integrating technology into their own courses.

About the speakers

Dr. Spencer Benson is the director of the Center for Teaching Excellence at the University of Maryland and a professor in Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics. He has been involved in science teaching and learning for more than a decade and has published numerous articles on teaching and learning. Dr. Benson is currently a visiting Fulbright Scholar at the University of Hong Kong and member of the Fulbright HK General Education Program.

Dr. Stephen Friedman is Professor of Educational Measurement and Statistics at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. His work on General Education assessment began in the mid-90s and has published widely on GE assessment ever since. Dr. Friedman is now visiting CUHK as a Fulbright Scholar under the Fulbright HK General Education Program.

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