Faculty Members' General Education Course Design --

Faculty Members' General Education Course Design --
A Case Study on a Comprehensive University in Mainland China First Year Experience in the States

Date: 28 November 2007 (Wednesday)
Speaker: Dr. Xu Huixuan (Office of University General Education)

Quality Education for tertiary students has been carried out at universities in Mainland China since mid-1990s in response to problems resulted from specialization in education, the globalization of higher education and the fierce competition of comprehensive national power. The GE curricula at some universities are similar to the American ones. Teachers have been playing a dominant role in course design and implementation of GE courses at universities.  In view of this, the critical areas to understand GE curriculum rest on teachers’ understanding of GE curriculum, their GE course design model and the influential factors in their course design.

Dr Xu Huixuan of OUGE has adopted a qualitative research method to explore the teachers’ GE course designs in a comprehensive university. Her study investigates the curriculum orientation of teachers in the field of university curriculum. The findings serves as useful references to develop comprehensive GE curriculum theories, deepen the understanding of the concept of curriculum orientation, provide plenty of practical experiences for GE teachers, and give suggestions for future GE curriculum program improvement.  In this session, Dr Xu will report on the research findings.  Teachers and colleagues are welcome to join. 

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