The aim of GE Salon is to explore issues of common human concern from a cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural perspective, with a view to encouraging students to reflect upon questions related to the contemporary world and to create an atmosphere for the holdings of intellectual discussions on campus. In 2006, the Research Centre for General Education (renamed as "Baldwin Cheng Research Centre for General Education in 2011) organised a series of GE Salons on "War and Peace", featuring scholars and experts from different fields. These scholars delivered excellent speeches revolving around the theme, and provoked in-depth and extensive discussions. Due to the overwhelming response, a second series of talks, "War and Peace II", was held in 2007 to continue discussions on the topic. In 2008, the Research Centre for General Education and Office of University General Education co-organized the GE Salon with Hong Kong Association of European Studies, and the series was titled "Politics and Culture: The European Experience". "Classics for Today" was the main theme of the GE Salons since 2009, speakers in this series explored the perennial questions in human societies and reflected upon modern life and social conditions through a number of classics in humanities and natural science.

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