Terms of Reference

  1. To keep the CUHK General Education (GE) Programme under constant review and supervision;

  2. To examine and if appropriate approve course proposals for all GE courses according to the objectives of the GE Programme and the specific curriculum areas concerned;

  3. To see that close coordination exists among the Colleges in the offering of programmes.



(Appointed by the Vice-Chancellor)

Professor Poon Wai Yin

Ex-officio Members

College Heads/Masters or their representatives

Faculty Deans or their representatives


Director of University General Education

Associate Director, Office of University General Education

Ad Personam Members

(Appointed by the Vice-Chancellor; term to expire on 31 July 2021)

Professor Chan Ho Yin Edwin

Professor Cheng Chung Yi

Professor Ng Mee Kam


(Invited by the Chairperson of the SCGE; term to expire on 31 July 2021)

Dr. Ho Wai Ming

Professor Lee Lap Fung Francis

Dr. Ng Ka Leung Andy

Professor Tai Pui Kuen Amos


Assistant Registrar, Office of University General Education