Prof. LEE Hun Tak Thomas



  • Director, Office of University General Education
  • Programme Director, General Education Foundation Programme
    Director, Baldwin Cheng Research Centre for General Education
    Emeritus Professor, Department of Linguistics and Modern Languages


Professor Lee received his BA in English Literature from Swarthmore College, and his Ph.D. in Linguistics from UCLA. His research interests lie in language and cognition, drawing influences from linguistics, psychology and philosophy, with particular reference to language learnability and first language acquisition of Cantonese and Mandarin. He formerly served as Associate Dean (Research) of the Faculty of Arts, Chairperson of the Department of Linguistics and Modern Languages, and Chairperson of the Senate Committee on Language Enhancement. Professor Lee is on the editorial boards of a number of journals, including Language Acquisition and Contemporary Linguistics. He led the construction of several early child language corpora, including CANCORP (The Hong Kong Cantonese Child Language Corpus), and was a core designer of the grammatical assessment component of HKCOLAS (The Hong Kong Cantonese Oral Language Scales).

Selected Publications

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  • Lee, Thomas Hun-tak and Hongming Zhang. 2021. On the relationship between phonological representation and phonetic representation: Some thoughts from the perspective of New Descriptivism (音系表徵與語音表徵的關係—來自新描寫主義的思考). Contemporary Linguistics 23(2021.3): 317-323.
  • Lu, Yaqiao and Thomas Hun-tak Lee. 2020. The syntactic and semantic criteria for unaccusative and unergative verbs in Mandarin Chinese (漢語非賓格與非作格動詞的句法及語義界定標準). Contemporary Linguistics 22 (2020.4):475-502.
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