Alumni Focus Group Interviews (2009)

Principal Supervisor(s): Baldwin Cheng Research Centre for General Education

In August and September 2008, the Research Centre for General Education organized two rounds of alumni focus group interviews to gain a better understanding of the effectiveness of university education, and more particularly, general education.  For the study, 25 alumni were invited to participate.  During the focus group interviews, the alumni shared their university study experiences, their impressions of general education and offered suggestions on developing general education.

The results of the interviews show that the alumni generally hold a positive view of General Education at The Chinese University of Hong Kong.  They have experienced a number of years out of school and can, in their work and other facets of their lives, better perceive the value of General Education.  Additionally, the alumni also expressed the view that general education at The Chinese University of Hong Kong is in an important factor in the construction of their identities as “CUHK persons”.  The detailed report on the interviews was published in the article entitled “Evaluation of the Alumni Focus Group Interviews and General Education Learning Outcomes” (read full text in Chinese) appearing in 6th Issue of the University General Education Bulletin.