Assessment Panel on GE


Assessment Panel on GE

Terms of Reference

  • To propose policies on the matters contained in this policy paper (e.g. peer assessment) for approval by the Senate Committee on General Education;
  • To monitor and ensure fairness and honesty in all assessment work;
  • To review comments provided by programme review panels;
  • To review and define grade descriptors as and when necessary;
  • To endorse course assessment schemes;
  • Be responsible for the quality of examination/ test papers. For example, for each course, a colleague within the department/ programme could be appointed as an internal reviewer to independently check the paper and model answer/ marking scheme;
  • To approve grade boundaries and the assignment of grades recommended by teachers;
  • To arrange make-up examination/ assessment for students who have been given approval to be absent from examination/ assessment;
  • To endorse requests submitted by teachers for change of marks or grades upon appeal by students, and to help resolve any informal complaints thereon;
  • To ensure that reasonable effort is undertaken to monitor and uphold academic honesty in all assessments; and
  • Any other duties as determined by the Senate Committee on General Education.



Director, Office of University General Education

Ex-officio Members

Associate Director, Office of University General Education
College Deans of General Education
Programme Director of General Education Foundation Programme or his/her representative

A representative from SCGE

Professor CHENG Chung Yi


Assistant Registrar, Office of University General Education