Dr. SZETO Wai Man

BEng, MPhil, PhD (CUHK)

ATCL (TCL), AMusTCL (TCL), Certified PASS Supervisor (UOW)



Dr SZETO Wai Man is a lecturer in the General Education Foundation Programme (GEFP). He received his PhD in Computer Science and Engineering from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Dr Szeto has a deep interest in cultivating his students with an interdisciplinary vision and to become active learners. Aspired to the first goal, he is among the first members of the teaching team to get involved in the development of the interdisciplinary GEFP. Also, he has co-designed and co-taught a University General Education course on music, psychology and artificial intelligence. Endeavouring to achieve his second goal, Dr Szeto has played a leading role in the establishment and development of the Peer Assisted Study Session (PASS) in the university and is currently the leader of the PASS team in GEFP. The team received the University Education Award 2021 (Team) for its significant contributions to enhance student learning experience. The academic interests of Dr Szeto include computer music, machine learning, science education, peer learning and e-learning. Outside the academia, Dr Szeto is keen on promoting science to the general public. He has given public science talks and appeared as a presenter on a TV science programme.

Courses Taught

UGFN1000 In Dialogue with Nature

UGFH1000 In Dialogue with Humanity

UGEB2149 Music, Mind and Artificial Intelligence

ENGG 1003 Digital Literacy and Computational Thinking—P

Selected Publications

  • Szeto, W. M., Li, M., Wu, J., Wong, K. T., Cheng, H. W., & Leung, M. Y. (2022). A student perspective on the effectiveness of PASS in seminar courses: A mixed-method study. Journal of Peer Learning, 15(1), 48–65.
  • Kiang, K. M., & Szeto, W. M. (2021). Teaching traditional Chinese science as a part of a NOS curriculum in Hong Kong. Science & Education, 30(6), 1453–1472.
  • Li, M., Lai, C. W., & Szeto, W. M. (2017). Whiteboard animation: An innovative teaching and learning tool for flipped classrooms. In New Innovations in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (pp. 159–175). Libri Publishing.
  • Szeto, W. M., & Wong, K. H. (2015). A hierarchical Bayesian framework for score-informed source separation of piano music signals. Proceedings of the 16th International Society for Music Information Retrieval Conference (ISMIR 2015), 155–161.
  • 司徒偉文、彭金滿(2014)。〈同儕輔讀計劃:目標與推行〉,《大學通識》,第8期,頁121-134
  • Szeto, W. M., & Wong, K. H. (2013a). Sinusoidal modeling for piano tones. 2013 IEEE International Conference on Signal Processing, Communication and Computing (ICSPCC 2013), 1–6.
  • Szeto, W. M., & Wong, K. H. (2013b). Source separation and analysis of piano music signals using instrument-specific sinusoidal model. Proceedings of the 16th International Conference on Digital Audio Effects (DAFx-13), 109–116.
  • Wong, C. H., Szeto, W. M., & Wong, K. H. (2007). Automatic lyrics alignment for Cantonese popular music. Multimedia Systems, 12(4–5), 307–323.
  • Szeto, W. M., & Wong, M. H. (2006a). A graph-theoretical approach for pattern matching in post-tonal music analysis. Journal of New Music Research, 35(4), 307–321.
  • Szeto, W. M., & Wong, M. H. (2006b). Stream segregation algorithm for pattern matching in polyphonic music databases. Multimedia Tools and Applications, 30(1), 109–127.

Research Projects

  • TDLEG 2019–22, Co-Principal Supervisor, ‘Engaging Students as Partners with Peer Assisted Study Session’ (HK$1,434,000)
  • TDLEG 2019–22, Co-Principal Supervisor, ‘Establishing an Online Learning Community for UGFN1000’ (HK$478,000)
  • TDLEG 2016–19, Co-Principal Supervisor, ‘A Collaborative Project on Peer Assisted Study Session’ (HK$500,000)
  • TDLEG 2016–19, Co-Principal Supervisor, ‘Applying Socratic Method in Peer Learning’ (HK$99,950)
  • TDLEG 2016–19, Co-Supervisor, ‘Grand Challenges for Global Citizens in the 21st Century’ (HK$478,695) 
  • MMCDG 2017, Project Member, ‘Flipping the Classrooms of the Two Foundation Courses in GEF Programme using Whiteboard Animations’ (HK$84,750)
  • MMCDG 2017, Project Member, ‘Developing Micro-modules for Virtual Reality Experience in UGFN1000’ (HK$100,000)
  • TDG 2015–16, Co-Principal Supervisor, ‘A Pilot Project on Peer Assisted Study Session’ (HK$300,000)
  • MMCDG 2016, Project Member, ‘Building Whiteboard Animations for Flipped Classroom in GEF Courses’ (HK$99,800)
  • TDLEG 2012–2015, Co-Supervisor, ‘Student-Centred Learning in General Education Foundation Programme’ (HK$249,500)
  • MMCDG 2015, Project Member, ‘UGFN-animated: Flipped Classroom with Whiteboard Animations’ (HK$87,500)