Dr. LUI Wing Sing



I am interested in the history of Chinese popular religion and the common people in Modern China. I pay particular attention to the significance of popular religion in the construction of territory, identities, and ethnicities in the local society. For this reason, I like to approach history as the historical anthropologists have been doing, by doing field research and trying to understand archives and documents in the local context. My current research project explores how the measures taken by the Hong Kong government to safeguard items of the intangible culture heritage could bring the sociocultural changes to the local communities. 


Research Interests

  • Festival and Popular Religion in Chinese Societies
  • Chinese Social and Cultural History
  • The Common People in Modern China
  • Hong Kong History

Courses Taught

  • General Education Foundation Programme: In Dialogue with Humanity
  • General History of China

Selected Publications

Book Authored

  • 2019

《浮生社會:歷史上的水上人與香港早期漁業》,香港:長春社文化古蹟資源中心 。

Books Edited 

  • 2015


  • 2011


Journal Papers

  • 2022

“Spiritual Colonisation: Society and Religious Cults in Central Hunan since the Song Dynasty,” Cahiers d’Extrême-Asie, 31, pp. 1-22.

  • 2018

<香港潮僑盂蘭勝會的「申遺」與潮屬社群的重建>,《民俗曲藝》, 第201期,頁65-100。

  • 2016


  • 2014


  • 2013


Book Chapters

  • 2020


  • 2014