21 Feb, 2022 (Mon)

Cultural Understanding and Mutual Respect Through Learning a Second Language in GE Courses

Delivery Mode: Online via ZOOM

Language: English and Cantonese

Speaker: Dr. LEE Siu Lun (Yale-China Chinese Language Centre)


Hong Kong has its peculiar form of societal multilingualism and multiculturalism. It is important for university students to understand the linguistic diversity and various sociolinguistic issues in this multilingual city. This presentation talks about the design of UGED1146 Chinese Language, Culture and Language Learning. This GE course covers topics like, the relationship between language and culture, sociolinguistics and multilingualism in Hong Kong, as well as theories and practice in teaching Chinese as a second language. UGED1146 involves a mixture of international students, Mandarin-speaking students, and local students. The final student-led symposium motivates students to reading relevant literature, to conduct collaborative research projects, as well as to actively discuss language and cultural issues. In this presentation, Dr. Lee also introduces his research regarding the learning and teaching of Cantonese as a Second Language (CanSL) and his design of a Cantonese Peer Tutoring System for students at the university. This peer tutoring system provide opportunities for CanSL students to use the target language outside classes with their peers at the university and, eventually promote mutual help among students with different linguistic and cultural backgrounds, as well as diversity and inclusion.


Dr. Siu-lun Lee is Senior Lecturer in the Yale-China Chinese Language Centre at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He is currently the Head of Cantonese Programme Division at the university. He is an experienced curriculum designer and administrator for Chinese language programmes. He has taught two General Education courses, namely, UGED1146 Chinese Language, Culture and Language Learning and GENA1113 Student-oriented Teaching and Seminar. He is a trained linguist and has publications, including book chapters and articles in refereed journals, published by international publishers. His research interests include applied linguistics, Cantonese studies, Chinese linguistics, sociolinguistics, and language teaching pedagogy. Dr. Lee received the Exemplary Teaching Award in General Education 2020.



(Deadline extended to 14 February 2022)