Flipping the Classrooms of the Two Foundation Courses in GEF Programme using Whiteboard Animations (2017-2018)

Principal Supervisor(s): Dr. LI Ming Kenneth

Co-supervisor(s): Dr. LAI Chi Wai Kevin, Dr. SZETO Wai Man and Dr. WONG Bon Wah Baldwin

The two foundation courses, namely In Dialogue with Nature and In Dialogue with Humanity in The General Education Foundation (GEF) Programme require all undergraduates from different disciplines to read and discuss the classics in sciences and humanities. Although students are interested in discussing the classics, they find it very challenging to have in-depth reflection, especially when the concepts are abstract and pre-requisite knowledge is inadequate. A lot of valuable time in the interactive tutorials is spent to explain the knowledge and clarify the concepts. In view of this, our team has been producing engaging short whiteboard animations to flip the classrooms in two projects founded by Micro-Module Courseware Development Grant (MMCDG) since 2015. The first project developed two micro-modules in In Dialogue with Nature which received encouraging feedback from both students and teachers, leading to the second project of expansion in In Dialogue with Nature and extension to In Dialogue with Humanity. We aim to extend our current whiteboard animation project as well as consolidate all of our related projects as a whole.