Animations for SDGs and Targets (Phase 2) (2021-23)

Principal Supervisor(s): Dr. LI Ming Kenneth

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are promoted worldwide and in CUHK. However, a report from Sustainable Development Solution Network (SDSN) in 2018 indicated that the awareness and popularity of SDGs among young peoples in Hong Kong is very low. Supported by the SDG-Action Fund in 2020, Nine Cantonese-speaking animation videos in season 1 of the animation series “SDG律師事務所” were produced to enhance the promotion of SDGs and targets to young peoples, especially CUHK students. Season 1 covers 9 SDGs and their 88 Targets while the remaining SDGs and targets are not included. Therefore, this project produces the season 2 of this animation series to cover the remaining SDGs and targets so that all 17 SDGs and 174 targets are completely covered in this animation series. In addition, in consideration of non-Cantonese speaking audience and for the purpose of the promotion of this animation outside Hong Kong, English subtitles will be produced for all 17 animation videos in seasons 1 and 2. The animations produced will be host online and freely accessible by the general public to promotion SDG.