Facilitation of Peer Discussion via Zoom for UGFN1000 (2019-)

Principal Supervisor(s): Dr. KIANG Kai Ming, Dr. SZETO Wai Man, Dr. LAI Chi Wai Kevin

The aim of the project is to establish an online learning community via Zoom and micro-modules that function as a natural extension of the classroom tutorial discussions. From a pedagogical point of view, according to the ‘Community of Inquiry’ framework proposed by Garrison and colleagues, students create a deep and meaningful learning experience by collaboratively engaging themselves in purposeful critical discourse and reflection to construct personal meaning and confirm mutual understanding. The project complements Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) for our course, in which students reinforce key concepts and consolidate understanding in a relaxed and supportive learning environment prior to the tutorial discussions, through peer learning guided by PASS Leaders. We envision that any learning process that relies heavily on peer discussion can be carried out on a virtual online learning environment, in particular, Zoom, that is not restricted to a particular classroom on campus or a particular time slot. To facilitate such peer discussions online, we make use of existing micro-modules and developed a suite of new question-based micro-modules to guide the student discussions. We have also hired outstanding students as peer leaders to host the discussions.