Internationalization of “In Dialogue with Nature”: Our Quest for a Better World (2020-21)

Principal Supervisor(s): Dr. WONG Wing Hung, Dr. PANG Kam Moon

This project provided opportunities for CU students to do collaborative work with students from another part of the world, aiming at helping CU students broaden their horizon and develop teamwork skills in an international context. This was a first attempt to internationalize In Dialogue with Nature in collaboration with the course “Re-examining the Deterministic World of Matter” offered at the National University of Singapore, using online platform to facilitate a one-semester student exchange. For those 75 students from the two universities, such an arrangement provided opportunities (1) to think internationally: Students formed small groups and accomplished a joint project on such topics as consciousness and dream, depression and schizophrenia, and cupping therapy, many of which are related to Sustainable Development Goals; and (2) to learn internationally: Students from the two universities kept close contact in the semester so as to finish the project, thus taking advantage of their diversity in knowledge and cultural background.