BSSc (CUHK), MSc (UCL); PhD (Manchester)


  • 通識教育基礎課程講師


  • 當代城市研究
  • 香港城市空間生產
  • 藝術、社會與公共領域
  • 社群、社區及群眾創意
  • 以經典為本的通識教育


  • 2019:
    • 龍虎山環境教育中心 (2019),《感知西半山》,香港:MCCM (策劃與編輯)
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  • 2018:
    • Wong, S. (2018). Art and protest: political participation in the Umbrella Movement [藝術與政治:雨傘運動中的政治參與]. Cheng, W. and Yuen, S., ed. The Epoch of Social Movement [社運年代: 香港政治抗爭的軌跡]. Hong Kong: Chinese University of Hong Kong Press. (In Chinese)
  • 2017:
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  • 2016:
    • Wong, S. (2016) On the Umbrella Movement and Visual Arts: From the occupied areas to the art field and the social world. Tong, K. ed. Hong Kong Visual Arts Yearbook 2015, Hong Kong: Department of Fine Arts, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, pp. 232 – 247.