Exemplary Teaching Award in General Education

Ever since the founding of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), General Education has been a key part of the undergraduate curriculum which aims at nurturing students as educated persons with the intellect and inclination to appreciate broad issues of concern to humanity and modern society.

Over 200 teachers offer General Education courses at CUHK, many of whom are dedicated and outstanding. In recognition of their contributions, the Senate Committee on General Education (SCGE) resolved in 2006 to launch the Exemplary Teaching Award in General Education. Nominations are invited from all the GE teachers and undergraduate students. The nominations are reviewed by the SCGE Standing Committee basing on the course design, teaching and learning activities, and tutelage in the General Education courses they offered.

The award will be presented by the SCGE to a maximum of four teachers in recognition of exemplary contribution to teaching and learning in General Education. All nominations will be reviewed by the SCGE Standing Committee based on the nominee's contribution to GE in the past two academic years. Contribution to teaching and learning will be evaluated against the following objectives of GE Programme and expectation of GE courses:

GE Programme objectives:

  1. To furnish students with a broad intellectual perspective for dealing with unfamiliar questions;
  2. To engage students in active reflections on perennial issues, prompting them to make connections between intellectual pursuits and life at work, at home and in the community;
  3. To promote an understanding of Chinese cultural heritage and of other cultural traditions;
  4. To develop in students attitudes and skills that are conducive to critical thinking, self-expression and communication with the others; and
  5. To serve as a platform where students can extend their curiosity, read widely beyond their chosen discipline, and develop attitudes and competence as independent learners and team players.

Expectation of GE courses:

GE courses should aim at the same intellectual level as major courses, and should carry the same workload (in terms of reading, assignments, etc.) as major courses with the same number of units and the same level.