Official application

Students should submit their application via the online application at MyCUHK>CUSIS or on prescribed application form which is obtainable from the Registration and Examinations Section (RES). For details, please visit RES webpage.

Application for approval-in-principle prior to commencement of overseas exchange

This is a service for students going on overseas exchange. To facilitate planning for overseas exchange, OUGE will review application for course and unit-equivalence and give approval-in-principle before the start of the exchange programme. Students are reminded that approval-in-principle, if granted, is given on condition that all course registration restrictions for University GE courses are duly complied. Students are reminded to check the Student Handbook of their admission year and course enrolment rules for such restrictions.

Application form can be obtained from Office of University General Education or downloaded online. Students should check the followings before returning the application to OUGE:

  1. Language and skills training courses will NOT be accepted as equivalent to GE courses. 
  2. Course outlines and class timetables of the courses under application should be returned together with the application form. 

Upon completion of the courses under application, students must submit official application for course and unit exemption to the RES. Official approval is subject to compliance with all the prevailing registration restrictions and documentary proof that the course taken is of academic level comparable to CUHK General Education requirement. A copy of the approval-in-principle granted should be submitted with the official application together with other required documents including academic transcript and detailed course information.