The Baldwin Cheng Research Centre for General Education has started publishing University General Education Bulletin since 2006 and five issues have already been published. The Bulletin serves as a platform for the discussion on GE, the publication of research findings, and the exchange of information on relevant issues within the Chinese-speaking regions. The main components of the Bulletin include "Special Topic", "Teaching and Learning in GE", "Forum", etc. In order to report on the most updated research results and innovative experiences from tertiary sectors across the globe, the Bulletin has become a bilingual publication from the fifth issue onwards.

Having accumulated the experience of publishing six volumes, the University General Education Bulletin has brought in a review system for the 7th Issue, with all articles to be reviewed anonymously by professional reviewers. With the move to the review system, the title of the University General Education Bulletin changed to the Journal of General and Liberal Education. Under the heading the Humanism in 21st Century General Education, volume 7 of the Journal of General and Liberal Education, published in June 2012, explores the challenges and burdens faced by general education in holding to the humanist ideal (人文精神理想) in the midst of the continuously changing university system.

Special topics include "Overview of GE in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan", "Meaning and Development Directions of General Education", "University Students and GE", "The Idea of University and GE", "Assessment of University General Education Curricula", "Humanistic Concern of General Education in the 21st Century", "Excellence in Leadership and Administration of General Education Programs in University", and "Reading Classics and General Education Programme".

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