Born in Syria

通識沙龍 2018-19「家‧鄉‧歸」
GE Salon 2018-19 Home.Homeland.Homecoming

第八節 Session 8(電影放映會 + 映後座談會 Film Screening + Sharing)*

Born in Syria

講者 Speaker:葉家威 Ip Ka Wai Kevin
主持 Moderator:王邦華 Wong Bon Wah Baldwin
日期 Date:01 / 03 / 2019 (Fri)
時間 Time:7 - 9 pm
地點:香港中文大學 康本國際學術園 6 號演講廳
Venue: LT6, Yasumoto International Academic Park, CUHK
粵語及英語主講 In Cantonese and English

電影簡介 About the Film

Since civil war started in Syria in 2011, an estimated 9 million Syrians have fled their homes, half of them children. These children have fled unimaginable horror: the indiscriminate bombings of Bachar Al Assad's government, and ISIS' raping and beheading, only to find themselves trapped in makeshift camps or closed borders. We witness the journey of these refugees to the promised land of Europe.

導演 Director: Hernan Zin | 字幕 Subtitles: 中英文字幕 Chinese and English | 片長 Length: 86 mins

講者簡介 About the Speaker

葉家威,牛津大學政治學博士,香港浸會大學政治及國際關係學系助理教授。曾任香港中文大學大學通識教育部講師、政治與行政學系及公共政策碩士課程兼任講師。著有Egalitarianism and Global Justice: From a Relational Perspective 及《全球正義與普世價值》(合著)。

Dr. Kevin Ip is Assistant Professor in the Department of Government and International Studies, Hong Kong Baptist University. His research interests are primarily in contemporary political philosophy. He obtained his DPhil from University of Oxford. He is the author of Egalitarianism and Global Justice: From a Relational Perspective, and coauthor of Global Justice and Universal Values (in Chinese).

費用全免,歡迎所有人士參加  Free admission, all are welcome.