The programme structure

Tradition of General Education

General education has played an essential role in CUHK's undergraduate curriculum, with an aim of realizing the university motto "博文約禮" (bo wen yue li)—"博文" is "to broaden one's intellectual horizon" and "約禮" is "to keep within the bounds of propriety"—enabling students to acquire knowledge beyond their profession, pursue excellence, and develop respect for truth and persistence of moral integrity.

In order to meet the needs of different curricula and times, CUHK's general education curriculum has gone through changes since the founding of the university, but our mission of whole-person education remains the same.

University General Education and College General Education

The current CUHK's general education curriculum is divided into two components: University General Education and College General Education. The former is composed of more than 200 GE courses provided by different departments, enabling students to acquire knowledge in a broad range, fulfilling their intellectual and academic pursuit; the latter consists of "formal" and "informal" education designed in accordance with the own tradition of the colleges and the needs of students, i.e. College General Education and college activities, with the aim of facilitating students to adapt the university life and integrate knowledge learnt in the university.

Opportunity brought by 3-3-4 New Curriculum

After years of longing, CUHK has resumed 4-year undergraduate curriculum in 2012. With the 2012 new curriculum, general education is further enhanced with the introduction of the General Education Foundation (GEF) Programme, a common core programme added to strengthen the foundation of University General Education and College General Education. The GEF Programme has been planned since 2006 and piloted since 2009. All secondary six entrants have benefited from the programme.

Leadership Development Programme

Leadership Development Programme is organized by Leadership Development Section, Office of University General Education, with an aim of nurturing students’ leadership ability and facilitating them to face the challenges and opportunities of the new era. Bearing 24 credits, this two-year programme not only covers a wide range of areas, including study of politics, ethics and social issues, leadership training and artistic creation, but also provides opportunities of overseas exchange, various extra-curricular activities and social engagement. We believe that Hong Kong, as a world city, should have young leaders with an international perspective and a caring heart to the community. If you have expectations to yourself and your university life; if you have a sense of responsibility to the society; if you have imagination of an ideal world—we sincerely invite you to join Leadership Development Programme.