PhD, MPhil, & MA (Columbia University);
LLB (Minzu University of China)

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

  • Lecturer,
    General Education Foundation Programme
Photo of Dr Liu Yanchen

Academic Interests

  • Teaching Classics for General Education
  • European Legal History
  • Medieval Latin Palaeography
  • Western European Christianity

Publications and Academic Conferences

  • 2022:
    • “‘Sed quare non sunt tolerandi’: Apostasy and Rebaptism in the Glossa ordinaria to the Decretales Gregorii IX”, paper presented at the 16th International Congress of Medieval Canon Law, 17-23 July, 2022, St. Louis University, USA
  • 2021:
    • “‘They should be decapitated’: The Glossa to X 5.6 & 3.33 on Jews and Saracens”, Bulletin of Medieval Canon Law. New Series 2021, Volume 38, 211-250.
  • 2016:
    • “Canon 231 of the Collectio Sinemuriensis in MS Western MS 82”, paper presented at the 51st International Congress on Medieval Studies, 12-15 May, 2016, Western Michigan University, USA