General Education and Student Growth

General Education and Student Growth


Dr. Leung Cheuk Hang (Office of University General Education)
Dr. Lau Chi Hin (Department of Mathematics)

Date: 21 May 2021
Time: 12:00 nn – 1:30 pm
Venue: ZOOM
Language: Cantonese

General Education (GE) is a compulsory study programme in the undergraduate curriculum of The Chinese University of Hong Kong. One of the challenges that all GE teachers faces is how to teach a course with students from different academic background. Besides, what are the influences in the GE courses of humanity- and science- field? Apart from imparting knowledge, what should teachers be aware when they are conducting GE courses to facilitate student growth?

In this GE lunch seminar, we have invited Dr. Leung Cheuk Hang and Dr. Lau Chi Hin to share their teaching experience in respect of student growth. Dr. Leung would introduce his experience in teaching UGFH1000 “In Dialogue with Humanity” and GENA1113 “Student-Oriented Teaching and Seminar”, with a focus on how GE elements are infused in humanity and social issues. Dr. Leung would also share two different teaching pedagogies when conducting discussion-based lessons, followed by a discussion on how GE will help to facilitate student growth. Meanwhile, Dr. Lau Chi Hin will share with us his experience in teaching GE courses related to the science fields. Some students are described as having mathematical anxiety or math phobia. These students usually have a lot of frustrating experience in mathematics and they are lack of confidence in solving mathematical problems. Dr. Lau’s GE course UGEB2530 “Games and Strategic Thinking” provides students with a non-technical exploration of game theory. It starts with very simple parlor games to more realistic problems in economics, social psychology, biology, and business. The celebrated “Nash equilibrium” are explained and studied in simple mathematical terms. One of his goals is to make all students understand that mathematics can be used in many different ways and everyone can use mathematics to solve problems related to daily life.

Speakers' Bio

Dr. Leung Cheuk Hang obtained his B.SSc. degree in Politics from The Chinese University of Hong Kong and Ph.D. degree in Education from University College London. His research interests include values education, civic education, and cultural politics of education. Dr. Leung is currently a Lecturer in the Office of University General Education and is responsible for teaching General Education courses UGFH1000 In Dialogue with Humanity for the General Education Foundation Programme and GENA113 Student-Oriented Teaching and Seminar for New Asia College. Dr. Leung has been engaged in developing virtual learning tools and online learning platform for General Education courses. Dr. Leung is also active in conducting pedagogical research on the ideas, curriculum, and assessments of University General Education. Dr. Leung received the Exemplary Teaching Award in General Education 2019

Dr. Lau Chi Hin obtained his B.Sc. and M.Phil. degrees in Mathematics from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, and Ph.D. degree in Mathematics from The University of Hong Kong. Dr. Lau joined the Department of Mathematics at The Chinese University of Hong Kong as a Lecturer in 2005. Dr. Lau has been teaching two courses on game theory, namely MATH4250 Game Theory, for mathematics major students, and UGEB2530 Games and Strategic Thinking, a University General Education course for almost ten years. Dr. Lau has designed a number of interesting games to facilitate students to study game theory. Dr. Lau received the Exemplary Teaching Award in General Education 2019

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