From a Dream to a Course

From a Dream to a Course:
My Sharing on Teaching a University General Education Course, “Living with Grief”

Speaker: Prof. Chan Chi Ho, Wallace (Associate Professor, Department of Social Work)
Date: 27 March 2017 (Monday)
Language: Cantonese

Developing a course which talks about death, dying, and bereavement, as well as meaning in life, is a dream of Wallace Chan when he joined CUHK. Death reminds us of the limited time in life. “Time is limited” also becomes a core teaching motto underlying the University General Education course UGED1602 “Living with Grief: Understanding Death, Dying and Bereavement”.

In this General Education lunch seminar, the speaker would like to share with you how this teaching motto and his teaching philosophy can be integrated with the course contents, and be used to motivate the learning of students in this course. He will share with you his reflections on how we may understand the needs of students and help them to face this emotionally-laden topic—“death”, and at the same time search for their own meaning in life despite all the sufferings experienced.

Speaker’s Bio

Professor Chan Chi Ho, Wallace has been teaching in the Department of Social Work at The Chinese University of Hong Kong since 2010. He developed a new University General Education course, UGED1602 “Living with grief: Understanding death, dying and bereavement” in the academic year of 2012-2013. He treasures the communication and interactions with students much. He received the 2015 SCGE Exemplary Teaching Award in General Education, the Young Researcher Award of the University in 2014, and also the Exemplary Teaching Award of the Faculty of Social Science in 2012.