CUHK Students’ Approach-Avoidance Behaviours

co-organized by the Office of University General Education and CLEAR

CUHK Students’ Approach-Avoidance Behaviours

Date: 19 April 2016 (Tuesday)
Speaker: Dr. Ng Wai Yin Will (Centre for Learning Enhancement And Research)
Language: Cantonese

By observing students’ learning attitude, response and preference in class, teachers will acquire an impression on those students, which will affect their teaching strategies. Teachers are usually more enthusiastic about teaching the more enthusiastic students. To the contrary, teachers may consider increasing assessments and setting reward-and-punishment mechanism if they have an impression that their students are not working hard enough. Some teachers may be conscious of their adjustments in light of the various impressions on students while some may not.


As the impression on students is usually subjective, it is necessary for teachers to review their impression on students from time to time. If the impression is mainly attributed to the observation on students in class, student-teacher interaction outside the classroom would provide important alternative reference to teachers. Considering the fact that not all teachers are able to interact with their students outside classroom, the Centre for Learning Enhancement and Research conducted a series of in-depth interviews and surveys to explore more about students’ learning behaviours from students’ perspective. Controversial strategic learning behaviours like “free-rider”, “trumping”, “disengagement” etc. are also covered.


This is the second of a seminar series on strategic learning behaviours jointly organized by the Office of University General Education and the Centre for Learning Enhancement and Research, focusing on approach-avoidance behaviours in course selection and students’ learning. The speaker will present reported views and experiences collected from students, including a mini research on students’ strategies in course selection and the collected works written by students with their first- hand experience on learning.  


Speaker’s Bio

Dr. Ng Wai Yin Will had taught at the Chinese University of Hong Kong for more than 20 years. He was enthusiastic about diverse experience of teaching and research. During his year of teaching, the subjects he taught included engineering science, project management, general education, as well as guiding academic research and liberal studies topics. After resigning from teaching position, he started to focus on the basic of education, contemplating on how, what and why human learnt. He is now working on research projects related to teaching and learning in the Centre for Learning Enhancement and Research at CUHK. His focus is on learning ethos and students’ strategic learning behaviors in universities.


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