Using Language Perspective to Teach Cultural Differences in General Education

Using Language Perspective to Teach Cultural Differences in General Education

Date: 14 March 2016 (Monday)
Speaker: Prof. Ho Chi Ming (Department of Japanese Studies)
Language: Cantonese

Language is an important communication tool for human beings and it reflects the society, culture and characters of citizens of a particular nation.  Sociolinguistic researchers attempt to study the cultural aspects of different societies by looking at the linguistics phenomenon.  In teaching general education courses, we emphasize the importance of cultivation of students’ critical thinking ability so that students can apply what they have learnt to solve problems in various situations.  Comparing with humanities subjects like sociology and anthropology with linguistics, it seems that the areas of linguistics research are something regarded as more abstract.  It is worth for us to discuss how to use language as media effectively to study issues related to society and culture in general education teaching.  

In this GE lunch seminar, the speaker will

  1. discuss how to apply language as media in teaching cultural differences in University GE course;
  2. apply the perspective of linguistics to explain how to use real daily life examples in teaching topics related to culture, and point out the importance of fostering students’ ability in critical thinking; and
  3. discuss how to use abstract theories in teaching to achieve a better learning outcome.

Speaker’s Bio

Prof. Ho Chi Ming is Associate Professor of the Department of Japanese Studies, and Exemplary Teaching Award in General Education 2014 recipient.  He has a BA in Japanese Studies from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, a MPhil. and a PhD in Linguistics from University of Tsukuba, Japan.  He joined CUHK in 2003.  He has taught UGEC 1281 Understanding Japanese Language and Culture for 10 years.  His research interests include Japanese linguistics and teaching Japanese as a foreign language, especially on the acquisition of Japanese compound verbs, the differences in communication strategies between Japanese and Hong Kong people, and cultural differences between Japanese and Hong Kong people through the language perspective.  His most recent book publication is 60 keywords of Japanese culture (《日本文化60詞》) published in 2014. 

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