Understanding and Assessing Affective Learning Outcomes

Understanding and Assessing Affective Learning Outcomes

Date: 4 March 2009 (Wednesday)
Dr. Susan Gano-Phillips (Fulbright Scholar, City University of Hong Kong)
Dr. Stephen J. Friedman (Fulbright Scholar, The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Many faculties aspire to helping students develop affective skills. In this seminar, Krathwohl’s Taxonomy for the Affective Domain (please see attached) will be introduced and the link between it and Bloom’s Taxonomy for the Cognitive Domain will be discussed. Strategies for assessing affective learning outcomes will also be shared.  The seminar aims to:

  1. identify the levels of Krathwohl’s Taxonomy for the Affective Domain;
  2. explain the relationship between the affective and cognitive domains;
  3. give examples of the ways that affective learning outcomes can be assessed.

About the speakers
Dr. Susan Gano-Phillips is Associate Professor of Psychology in the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Michigan-Flint (UM-F). She co-chaired the General Education Reform Committee at the UM-F and serves as director of the Thompson Centre for Learning and Teaching. She is now hosted at the City University of Hong Kong, where she is based in the President’s Office and works across the faculties and departments on general education courses.

Dr. Stephen Friedman is Professor of Educational Measurement and Statistics at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. His work on General Education assessment began in the mid-90s and has published widely on GE assessment ever since. Dr. Friedman is now visiting CUHK as a Fulbright Scholar under the Fulbright HK General Education Program.

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