Seminar on Peer Assisted Study Session (PASS)

Seminar on Peer Assisted Study Session (PASS)

Date: 7 May 2008 (Wednesday)
Speaker: Prof. Sally Rogan (National PASS Trainer for Australia & NZ; Manager, First Year & Transition Programs; Student Services, University of Wollongong (UOW), NSW, Australia)

Widely adopted in the US with proved effectiveness and spreading to other parts of the world, Peer Assisted Study Session (PASS) consists of weekly one-hour, non-compulsory sessions led by "Peer Leaders", students who have excelled at the same course in the past.  Peer leaders do not teach, but serve as facilitator for group studies.  They are also required to attend lectures, take notes and report to the teachers common problems the students face.

PASS can be an effective tool for GE classes where students are from different academic background and have no prior knowledge in the subject.  It may be particularly beneficial for classes without tutorials.

In this seminar, Sally Rogan, National PASS Trainer for Australia & New Zealand will give us a general introduction to the concepts and practices of PASS.  Audience will learn about

  1. what a PASS programme involves;
  2. how it is coordinated; and,
  3. the demonstrated benefits for both teachers and students.

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