The American Freshman National Norms

The American Freshman National Norms

Date: 9 May 2007 (Wednesday)
Speakers: Miss Katie Yeung, Miss Grace Lau (Office of University General Education)

Office of University General Education is conducting its first questionnaire survey on students’ expectations and views on the University General Education programme. Similar surveys have been done over the years by various American universities and organizations. The experiences and literature they have accumulated are valuable reference for us.

The American Freshman National Norms, an annual longitudinal study done by the Cooperative Institutional Research Program (CIRP) since 1966, is the oldest and largest study of its kind. Their reports shed light on the changing characteristics and needs of American college students in the last few decades in relation to the societal changes in America.

Drawing on the data, the CIRP derives from students’ value attitude and institution policy three different orientations to higher education, namely reputation, resource and student development. It also presents two different world views – competition and cooperation, which leads to our reflection on what excellent education means.

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