The Bible

寫給當代的經典III Classics for Today III
聖經 The Bible
Speaker: Eric Wong



  1.  聖經的歷史地位
    • 基督宗教
    • 猶大教
  2.  聖經作為神聖書卷
    • 二千年來 (生命轉化;對西方文明的影響)
    • 18至19世紀 (開始對東方亦有影響)
    • 20至21世紀 (後二次大戰:從宣教轉移到對話)
  3. 聖經作為文學作品
  • 新舊約的文本重構
  • 語言及其概念的特徵

This talk discusses the historical position of the Bible, reviews its impact as a sacred document, as well as literature.

Program Outline

  1. I.  Its Historical Position
    • Christianity
    • Judaism
  2. II.  As Sacred Document
    • Over 2000 years [changed lives; influenced West civilization]
    • C18th/19th [influenced also the East]
    • C 20th/21st  [Post WW2: from evangelism shifting to dialogue]
  3. III.  As a Literature
    • Reconstruction of the TEXT NT & OT
    • Linguistic and Conceptual Characteristic, an Illustration