Our Mission and Perspective

The Student Activity Fund (SAF) is established under the General Education Foundation (GEF) Programme. It aims to encourage student-proposed activities related to the two foundation courses provided by the GEF programme. Through these activities, we hope to promote classic reading within and out of the campus, to nourish an enjoyable atmosphere of classic reading in various communities in and out of the campus, and to appreciate the impacts of classics on contemporary society.

The two foundation courses of GEF programme, namely "In Dialogue with Humanity" and "In Dialogue with Nature" are both core-text oriented. Through classic reading, students are able to acquire basic understandings of both Chinese and western civilizations; moreover, their academic ability are trained and their creativity are nourished. Students are encouraged to be "In Dialogue" directly with these classics, to further broaden their horizon. Bearing such a spirit, the SAF aims to assist students' further development by funding their spontaneous activities, to spread and promote their classic reading experiences, to reflect on themselves and on their relation with the society in which they are living.


Interested students should fill in the application form and return it to the General Education Foundation Programme by  20th November, 2022. For any queries, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .