“What?! Am I supposed to finish this whole pile of reading in ONE semester? How on earth can I do it?”

“Well, I’m pretty confident in classics. We have so much to share but so little time!”

“This is my first time to write an academic paper – can anybody give me some advice?”

Students’ study needs and learning styles often vary a lot. GEF provides Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) for GEF students to get together, tackle the difficult texts and concepts with the help of each other, consolidate learning and develop study skills and learning strategies.

PASS consists of one-hour, non-compulsory study sessions which are held every week and led by PASS Leaders, who are former GEF students with outstanding performance. PASS Leaders serves as “model students” to help students formulate and answer their own questions in a relaxed and non-threatening atmosphere.

PASS is provided for all GEF students, especially those who want to improve their understanding of course material and improve their grades. After the students have attended the lecture and read the text over the weekend, they may develop some questions that they would like to discuss with other students — PASS is a good opportunity to do so. After attending PASS, the GEF students will gain a deeper understanding of the texts and be better prepared for tutorial discussion.

PASS Leaders can benefit from this programme, too. Aside from having better mastery of the course content, the communication skills, public speaking skills, leadership and teamwork skills of PASS Leaders will be improved. PASS leaders are generally recruited every year in early summer.

To know more about PASS, please visit our PASS webpage.